Krista Sharif

Krista’s interior design talents started at a young age and bloomed post-college  at Katie Emmons Design, followed by a stint at Atlanta-based home furnishings brand Skylar Morgan Furniture + Design.

After meeting Kate Hayes through a mutual friend and discovering their shared passion for eclectic design, independent expression, and love of tacos, Sharif joined interior design studio Kate Hayes Design in 2017 where she quickly became a partner. 

For Krista, thinking outside the box and experimenting with irreverent concepts helps tell an appealing narrative. 

Bringing a fresh eye and in-depth product knowledge to the team, Sharif’s love of whimsical, maximalist, and sophisticated design sets a fun and modern tone for the studio. With an intentional focus on how interiors affect moods, Sharif’s passion lies in the marrying of different aesthetics to create individualized and transcendent spaces. 

In 2021, Sharif and Hayes expanded their partnership by launching Brite Bodies, a line of whimsical and wildly original furniture and home accessories that blend old world materials with futuristic artistry. 

As if being a design whiz wasn’t enough, Krista is a busy wife and mother who is constantly trying to master new cocktail recipes. 


Kate Hayes 

After studying Renaissance architecture in Italy and earning her Art History degree, Kate Hayes moved to New York to run her own fashion line before pivoting to interior design. 

Hayes cut her teeth at New York’s Studio Riga where she was an integral member of the design team, working on projects from SoHo to  Abu Dhabi,  before branching out to start her own eponymous boutique interior design studio in 2009. 

Based in Atlanta, the firm specializes in new builds, modern residential renovations, and commercial projects throughout the U.S. Seeking to echo history while executing bespoke and unconventional environments, Kate Hayes Design’s work has been featured in numerous publications including Atlanta Magazine, Design Sponge, Modern Luxury, and Rue. 

Hayes’ flair for inventive style is made evident in Brite Bodies, the whimsical home furniture and accessories line she founded with creative partner Krista Sharif in 2021.  Born from their expert knowledge of and passion for old world materials, exuberant motifs, and shared sense of humour,  Brite Bodies debut collection features functional furniture and accessories in which joyful irreverence hopes to spark human connection.

Kate’s not just limited to the interior design field. When she’s not slinging “sick” designs, you can find her  hanging out with her husband and two rowdy sons or planning her next vacation.