portland, oregon is a hip, green place

but we already knew that, didn't we? This Thanksgiving I spent the holiday out west with family. My brother and sister-in-law were sweet enough to take this design nerd (plus Mom) all around town for a design/vintage/junk/salvage tour de force. My brother is a builder himself, so the trip was enjoyed by all. The following locales were visited: 1. ECO PDX (http://www.ecopdx.com/) Everything is made from recycled lumber, and some of the pieces are quite beautiful. I like this side table (more modern than most items there):

Peaceful Balance Side Table (oh, Portland)

2. Schoolhouse Electric (http://www.schoolhouseelectric.com/). From the start of my design career, I have been in love with this store for it's beautiful product, reasonable prices, and friendly staff. The branch in Tribeca is great too (luck us!), but visiting the mecca of S.E. in its gorgeous old space was a delight. See below for a few of my favorite pieces:

Union 6 Pendant


3. Most hilarious/awesome place: Hippo Hardware (http://www.hippohardware.com/.) A Portland establishment full of funny people and funny items. Some really great stuff in here too, not to be overlooked! Take a look at these:

Sign on top reads: Hippie Mower/ No violent sounds/ No violent fuels/ $75/ Comes with free Dave Matthews Album!!

One of the pretty finds:

antique vent covers

A couple lighting options:

yep, a hubcap chandelier (only bikes these days for portlanders anyway)

oooh, spacey!

4. Last but not least on this grand tour was Rejuvenation, a more upscale antique salvage shop and another Portland oldie (http://www.rejuvenation.com/.) With everything from antique hardware to new sofas to mercury glass holiday votives, there's a reason this store has a coffee shop in it. I could spend hours perusing the beautiful things. A couple of interesting things below:

claw feet: 1890's

1950's signs

I am always impressed with Portland's efforts to be green, whether it be great public transportation, lots of bikes, or numerous backyard gardens. To see this desire manifest through creative and salvage home furnishing is always inspiring. Turns out it IS easy being green.