mary's diy project

This past weekend, I was in Atlanta visiting my parents. Besides some wedding planning and a Georgia Tech game, I spent a bit of time with the 'rents hanging out at home. My mom has her painting studio set up on the lower floor of the house, which I like to consider the art floor. A bunch of my brother's photographs line the walls, and in the seating area is the coolest of coffee tables. My grandfather had a pretty extensive matchbook collection, and my mom (Mary) has taken this collection and displayed it creatively on the coffee table. See for yourself:

matchbook table

She used a wooden coffee table and painted it high-gloss black, then laid out the covers of the best matchbooks so that they would work spatially on the table. They are all glued down, and a piece of glass keeps the matchbooks safe. Most of them are from 1950's-60's vacation spots, and the retro styles are so fun to peruse. Every time I look at it, I see something new and fun. Here are a couple close-ups:

rainbow room!

great colors

This fun project could be done with any number of collections: greeting cards, old polaroids, even vintage keys artfully displayed. Also, the furniture itself can be very basic and may just need a coat of paint, as it serves as a vehicle for the collection itself. If said furniture does not come with a glass top, simply measure the size you need, and have a piece cut at your local framing store. It's not expensive and preserves your collection nicely. This is a fun way to display items that would otherwise be stuffed away in a drawer somewhere for nobody to enjoy. Plus, the personal history makes it a piece of interest and conversation.

Drake Hotel, Trader Vic's

It looks funky, fun, and serves as a great rainy Saturday project!