happy thanksgiving!

hilarious felt turkey pin The holidays are upon us. This time of year is hard to beat, and I might sound a little New York-centric here, but New York does it best. It's the only time that I don't go insane in midtown, even though crowds are aplenty. Something about midtown this time of year makes me drink specialty lattes (yes, I actually go to Starbucks sometimes), listen to holiday music, and be utterly cheesy. I love it.

First and foremost we are blessed with the overstuffed, turkey-loving, cozy holiday of Thanksgiving. I wish everyone a happy one, and hope you spend it with family and friends and eat way too much. My design ideal for this holiday is burnt orange/red colors, lots of candlelight, pretty silver trays with bright cranberry sauce and green bean casserole, and a bit too much too drink. Give me a cornucopea and some silly decoration anytime; kitsch decorations only add to the mood of holiday music and merriment. Is it made out of felt or plastic? Does it involve miniature pumpkins? Great! Below are some inspirational images of food and decoration:

check out epicurious.com for great recipes!

mmmm, pies

corny cornucopia

HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO ALL! May yours be one for the books: full of great eats, warm and inviting design, and time with the ones you love.