cha cha cha chocolate

A few things in life exist that make me dizzy with pure excitement. One of these such things is chocolate. Good dark chocolate. In this city, it flows abundantly. I have listed below my favorite places to find some sweet dark delights: Levain Bakery: This is the cookie I recommend most-

Levain Bakery

Jacques Torres: This brownie mix looks amazing, though I have only eaten warm cookies from Jacques Torres. I think this will be my next JT purchase-

Jacques Torres Brownie Mix

City Bakery ( If you haven't been, you MUST attend this year. It's a little while off, but in the meantime you can pick up hot chocolate anytime at the bakery on 18th Street (between 5/6 Aves.) See the link below-

For the puritans, Mast Brothers chocolate is pretty amazing, not to mention beautifully wrapped. It's sold a number of places, including the Bedford Cheese Shop and Dean & Deluca.

What, might you ask, does chocolate have to do with design? Well, 1. culinary design is not to be underestimated 2. comes with a number of accoutrements I have listed below and 3. chocolate (especially chocolate chip cookies) always, always make a room feel inviting. There's a reason they sell freshly baked cookie scent spray to real estate brokers. Things that agree with chocolate in the design world include:

Cookie Jar: Fishs Eddy!,1579.html

Polka Dot Cookie Jar

Hot chocolate mugs: I know these are traditionally used for coffee, but they work just as well for hot chocolate and I love them. The Moma store, Graham Hill, 2003. Plus, it's a piece of art!

Is it paper? No it's ceramic.

Brownie Platter: Unconventional, but so cute. I do love whales. And it's what I feel like after I finish all the brownies.

Whale Platter

Besides all this, chocolate brown is a beautiful and grounding color. I just love everything about chocolate. I hope you do too.