the Met and the milkmaid

vermeer_big As you may or may not have read recently, Vermeer's Milkmaid is at the Metropolitan Museum of Art! Being an art history major, I get pretty dorky with this stuff.  I could go a bit into the social context, color balance, or the assumed sensuality of milkmaids at the time (she's a looker!), but instead would like to point out the more physical attributes: the delightful pottery and baskets with which she works. These details (not to mention that flattering light) make me want to travel to the great Dutch landscape of our Johannes and make some bread or pudding myself. As the time machine is in repair and 88 miles per hour is hard to break in New York city traffic, I might head to Chelsea market instead to peruse some great-looking baskets. Though these days baskets are most likely not going to contain freshly baked bread in our busy lives, they do work nicely as magazine holders, shoe drops, or funky pastoral wall decor. Also, the price is nice. Check it out: Please note the store is closer to the 10th Avenue entrance, but I recommend entering on 9th Avenue so you can stop by Fat Witch to get a scrumptiously free brownie sample. Oh how I love Chelsea Market! The pottery is also quite pretty in this notable painting. I like to think the Milkmaid actually has brewed herself some Mint Iced Tea or Watermelon Margaritas. To achieve the Milkmaid's gloriously refreshing pitcher, try Fishs Eddy just north of Union Square on Broadway ( Take a look at this cute pitcher:

red jug

And only $19.95! Now, this color is not really Vermeer-ish, but it's cute and fun and screams "drink me!" So when you arrive home, you can pop your shoes off those tired puppies into your new basket, kick up your feet, and pour yourself a cool afternoon tea out of the happiest pitcher. Enjoy. Oh, and the Milkmaid is waiting for your visit! Don't miss her.