my love/hate affair with the mighty fu (or foo) dog

The mighty Fu (or Foo) Dog. What a piece of distinct design: often used as a lamp base, bookends, or a simple decorative pair, these little dogs have been gracing homes- and temples- for centuries. In the last few years, they have popped up a bit as the Regency style has been revamped (translation: old-Hollywood glam- think Lauren Bacall and Bogey's apartment). On the one hand, I love the sassy Regency feel of the Chinese Buddhist statue. On the other hand, I have this great fear that I will get up to use the bathroom in the middle of the night and meet eyes with a frightening one who has come to life. Like this terror:

ug fu dog

As with all things in design, there is a place for everything (except micro-suede.) I have finally, after much internal debate, concluded that they are silly and fun and if you have the right sense of humor- not to mention choose the right dog- can add a little spice to your home.  I am pretty sure the surge of the Fu Dog a few years ago is on the outs, but I am not a believer in design trends. Things for the home are meant to last! Enjoy this yellow pup below:


On a historical note... I wikied our dear friend above, and apparently he was used as a guardian for Buddhist Temples. In my opinion, that's not a bad companion to have in one's home.