"I would drape myself in velvet if it were socially acceptable." -George Costanza

Ahhh the sweet feel of velvet, particularly silk velvet, on a gorgeous pillow or chair. Or sofa. Or anything really. Today I was at the Design and Decoration Building and caught myself getting a little too touchy with the velvets at various fabric sources there. I could rub my cheek on it all day. It's the grown-up equivalent to having a baby blanket. The cream of the crop is mohair velvet, but for me silk velvet is the way to go. To get this luxurious feel in your own apartment, the least expensive and best way to go about it is this: go to Mood. I suggest Mood because it gets the left-over fabric the high-end designers didn't use, and usually you can find some pretty great stuff at $30/yd and under. Find said inexpensive velvet. Please note that for pillows you could look in both the upholstery section as well as the regular velvet section: they are only pillows and shouldn't get too overused so durability isn't a huge issue.  Plus, your choices are much greater this way. Buy 1.5 yards of a delicious color of your choice. Then, while there, buy the fillers, which run you about $16 each ( I like the 20" size that really ends up being an 18" pillow.) Take this all to your super-duper drop-off cleaners/ laundromat. Ask nicely if they will do this for you. They most likely will, and hopefully for about $25/pillow. If not, find the next one and ask again. Eh, voila! In a few days, you can sit like a king/queen among your gorgeous pillows and feed yourself grapes. Side note: crushed velvet, for the most part, is too early 90's/ Kelly Taylor for me. I personally am averse to this. Your apartment will end up looking more bad bachelor pad-y and less fab luxe delicious. When in doubt, go classic. silk_velvet_fabric