cheese please

This weekend I had grand plans of cooking something amazing in the kitchen. This did not happen. Not even close. However, I did visit my dear friend who works at the delicious (if smelly- it's cheese, after all) Bedford Cheese Shop, then stopped into Whisk next door for some kitchen inspiration. If you haven't been, the Bedford Cheese Shop is- surprise!- on Bedford Avenue at North 4th Street in Williamsburg, and is a cheese lover's wish come true. My cognoscente mentioned that the space was an old pharmacy called Downer's which maintains the original window frames and tin ceilings. Most of the old decorations were left in the basement for the cheese shop to use. Fun remnants of the pharmacy include a prescription sign, glass bottles, and crates they have displayed to give a nod to the former occupant. She even mentioned a bb gun. I would love to know the purpose that served in the pharmacy. Anyway, the mood of good food is set with cool wallpaper, pretty wooden floors, and glass display cases full of more kinds of cheese than you could eat in a year.  I love it here, not only for the goodies and my friends, but also for the old-world, small-business, specialty shop feel. Tres European, non? Make sure you try the tomme de berger and the adelegger, which are two of my favorites. Oh, and if you can't make it, just get a cheese subscription that can be (and is) mailed anywhere in the U.S. Check it out:

bedford cheese

I then got lost for awhile in Whisk, a kitchen store just across North 4th on Bedford, to see what could possibly end my nice Brooklyn walk and inspire me to get cookin.' This apparently just used to be someone's apartment, but it's still pretty great. What a well-stocked, fun to explore store full of helpful people. Things I particularly love: cookie cutters in the cutest shapes, gadgets for the kitchen you never knew existed, and extensive coffee accessories. Take your time and enjoy!


My suggestion? Go to the cheese shop. Buy your favorite three cheeses out of the ones you sampled and a loaf of Amy's bread which is sold there. Then go to Whisk. Find an awesome new knife and pretty wooden board on which to display it. Bring home. Open wine. Open cheese, display. Locate comfiest seat in the apartment. Sit there. Eat and enjoy. It's not exactly cooking, but it's close enough in my book.