bon maison, bon temps

bon maison Yesterday was a glorious fall day, and I couldn't help myself but to enjoy an afternoon coffee, take a stroll through my favorite New York neighborhoods,  and contemplate the perfect Halloween costume (should I redo Annie Hall? Can I repeat and still have it be effective?) On my lovely walk, I popped into a French dream of a store, Bon Maison Compagnie. Not only was the gentleman manning it funny and inviting, more importantly the pretties they have are so much fun to peruse. The website, which doesn't do the store much justice, is, but most of the goods aren't on there. So next time you're in Chelsea (19th and 9th Avenue), I recommend you stop by. Notable pieces include: a small ferris wheel made completely out of wire, lovely soaps perfect for gifting, and a great glass top bar cart.

If you are up for more of a walk about town, I also recommend heading down to Kaas Glassworks at 117 Perry Street just off of Hudson ( This little footprint is full of gorgeous glass plates. All the designs are handmade by the artist herself, but custom glass plates are also an option. A few wedding invitations had been turned to plates- what a nice way to memorialize the event! I don't know about you, but it's wedding season in my calendar and I thought this would make a unique gift. See a favorite non-wedding plate below:


The plates work as nice decorative accessories, but are also functional. Just don't put them in the dishwasher! They also recommend only wiping them with vinegar and a towel which cuts any grease, and use no water. Your dinner guests will no doubt be impressed with such unique presentation, and will hopefully ignore the fact that you overcooked the lasagna.

May all your (free) autumn afternoons be filled with long walks, good coffee, and independent, beautiful stores.