blogging in bed

Unfortunately, I am sick today. As much as I detest feeling less than my best, there are a few perks I would like to point out, most of which stem from some weirdly nostalgic memories of being sick as a kid. My mom would feed me chicken noodle soup, saltines, coke or ginger ale depending (coke if my stomach was very upset), and I would hole up on the sofa with blankets, take it easy, and watch movies. Feeling unwell is the worst, but if I am not entirely in pain or with fever, I can coast through my sick days on the little pleasures that come with being bed-ridden. Below is a list of items I suggest to carry you through such times:

1. First and foremost a fluffy duvet and your favorite pillow.

Down comforter: Bed Bath & Beyond is always an easy go-to (One solid option: Click Here). If you want something a little more boutique, try the 3rd floor at ABC Home ( The selection of linens there is pretty wide, and the floor itself will make you want to curl up with  a good book and some cocoa.

abc home linens

2. Bed!

Dreamy bed frame from Urban Archaeology (found on


3. Oh, the importance of lighting.

Good, soft reading lighting (Click Here for link to below wall light):

boston functional library two arm wall light

4. Bed tray and cute ceramics

If you are lucky enough to have someone waiting on you hand and foot throughout the day, I also suggest this bed tray and cheery ceramic bowls/ plates (Click Here for link to bed tray):


Heath ceramics ( is a great tile and tableware maker based out of Sausalito (for 59 years!). Check out their website, as they have a pretty cool blog with information on their glazes and pottery. I would like to have my soup be served in this:

serving bowl set

5. Lastly, I recommend your favorite guilty pleasure movie or a good book if you're up for it.

Hope all this helps take the sting out of being sick if you happen to pick up whatever it is everyone I know has. A positive physical environment is important, so I will enjoy my pleasant surroundings and hope it speeds up the healing process. After all, health is wealth!