autumn in new york

As Halloween quickly approaches and Fall firmly sets in, I fall in love with New York all over again. Crisp blue sky, leaves changing, cozy sweaters and too much coffee- what's not to love? My coffee intake doubles this time of year, using the afternoon cup as an excuse to get out and enjoy the weather. On these afternoons, I have taken pictures of some particularly seasonal things: 1. Mums.


On West 10th Street, these gorgeous chrysanthemums color my walk and add a bounce to my step! I love them. They are in my opinion the classic fall flower. They are of Chinese origin and tend to do well in most northern latitudes, making them perfect for chilly autumn days. And you can find them everywhere- your local grocery store or bodega being the most convenient.

2. Scary bird.


I think it's not a raven (I think it would be best to consult my bird expert- Mom- on this), but all I hear when I look at it is "nevermore." Great time of year to read some E. A. Poe, don't you think? Isn't it creepy and fun? It's on 2nd Street east of Bowery and overlooks one of those delightful East Village community gardens that  I wish would leave the gate open. If you're up for spending a little money, head west a couple storefronts to John Derian, where you can find some fantastic decoupage cake stands, serving platters, and paper weights ( Some of these also strike the All Hallows Eve spirit also:

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3. Hand!


I have loved this crazy knocker since the first time I saw it. Look at that! Don't you know that a wild-eyed hunched-over butler will open the door slowly with lots of creaking, hair disheveled, and ask you with a forboding smile if you would like to come in? This original piece is not too hard to find after all. Here's a good one for only $45: If I had a proper front door, I would absolutely buy one.

These details of my walks are what makes them so enjoyable. Don't forget that when decorating your own home or office; details are just as important as a coat of paint or a fantastic light fixture. Enjoy your walks about town, and take the time to stop and smell the faintly scented mums!